Art of the Dogon - Ezra, Kate - Yale University Press

Art and Architecture

Art of the Dogon

Selections from the Lester Wunderman Collection

  • Kate Ezra
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The sculpture of the Dogon people of Mali constitutes one of the richest artistic traditions of West Africa and is a highlight of the Metropolitan Museum's permanent collection of African art. This handsome book features sixty-three of the finest pieces of Dogon art collected by Lester Wunderman, several of which have been donated to the Museum's permanent collection. The text incorporates the most up-to-date research and thinking on the complex subject of ritual art and on the context in which Dogon sculpture was originally produced and used. Each piece has been especially photographed for this volume and is accompanied by a detailed discussion of its function, style, and significance. Also included are maps, a bibliography, and more than eighty photographs, some of them taken in the field by Eliot Elisofon and Lester Wunderman.

(This title was originally published in 1987/88.)