Chinese Language and Culture, Character Writing Workbook 1

John S. Montanaro and Rongzhen Li

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August 19, 2011
256 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 9780300161700

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This Character Writing Workbook, which accompanies Student Book 1 of the Encounters program, is designed to help students learn the Chinese characters found in each unit of the Student Book. The Character Writing Workbook not only provides opportunities for writing practice but also supplies considerable information about each character, such as correct stroke order, pronunciation and tone, and related words, phrases, and sentences. Also included are the radical (or "meaning key"), phonetic clues, and the evolution of the character from its ancient form, all of which provide valuable memory aids. Where applicable, both traditional and simplified forms of the character are presented so that students may choose to learn one or the other, or both, depending on their preference.


• Full-color Student Books for introductory Chinese study

• Annotated Instructor’s Editions with answer keys and suggested class activities

• Character Writing Workbooks linked directly to the Student Books

• Ten hours of video materials, comprising dramatic episodes, cultural segments, and animations, all integrated with the Student Books

• A total of 200 minutes of audio material, linked to the Student Books, for listening and speaking practice

• A website, www.EncountersChinese.com, providing a year’s free access to all audiovisual material of the program upon adoption

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“As a foreign language instructor and researcher, I am very meticulous and demanding regarding the selection and utilization of instructional materials. In the last ten years, we have seen a significant increase of interest in Chinese language and culture in K-16 settings. As is true for many foreign language programs, not all Chinese programs provide the same quality of education. Authentic and meaningful learning materials, especially textbooks, are the foundation of any high-quality foreign language instructional program. I strongly recommend the Encounters materials, a remarkable series of textbooks, to all Chinese instructors, especially those teaching at the high school and college levels. I believe both teachers and students will very much enjoy this exemplar of a new generation of language programming.”—Ting Shen, University of Mount Union, Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching

Encounters provides a well-rounded introduction to the language…. [It is] well organised and comprehensive."
—Francesca Sablan, second-year Chinese studies student, University of Manchester, Times Higher Education

"This is a unique effort.  The key here is the focus on the essentials of communication. The Web component is great, and I love the video — as a nonnative speaker, I especially want the kids to hear someone who is not me!"—Erica Dieselman, Hingham High School

"A powerful and innovative textbook series for students of Chinese."—Christopher Lupke, Washington State University

"Among the many strengths of Encounters are the emphasis on culture in the videos, the variety of activities, and the useful review sections."—Jing Zhai, Marquette University

"I like the natural context and the different types of exercises in the Encounters textbook. Further, the video is nothing short of great."—Hanna Lin, West Virginia University

"I love the multimedia approach of Encounters!"—LanHui Zhang Ryder, Northern Illinois University

"I like all the integrated multimedia tools. Outstanding."—Bernard Geoxavier, Belmont Hill School

"As a teacher, I like the architecture of the book and its efforts to teach American students in a more communicative way. I especially appreciate the cultural materials and also the Skillbuilder exercises."—Yinong Yang, Buckingham Browne & Nichols

"Particularly for high school freshmen (who make up a majority of my introductory Chinese classes), I need materials that are hands-on and practical if I am to maintain their focus and interest. Encounters promises just that."—Peter Bonanno, Suffield Academy

"Wonderful textbooks!  With Encounters’ well-constructed units and careful organization, I can save a lot of planning time."—Jia Yanmei, Perry County Central High

Encounters shows my students how Chinese is used in real life context. The cultural segments are great because they let students see different points of view in Chinese.”—Jean Kimura, Milken Community High School

“It's easy for students to understand, comprehend, and to pick up the language. You pick up the subtleties and authenticity of the language. Students are inspired by seeing the video and seeing Americans speak Chinese. I have seen an improvement in my students’ character reading and listening skills after using Encounters.”—Litan Rath, Westinghouse College Prep High School

“I wouldn’t use use anything else. I love it. It's hard for American students to learn in the traditional Chinese way. Encounters is more fluid and does not promote rote memorization.”—Jennifer Portillo, The Denver Center for International Studies

"By focusing in the first lessons on basic survival pronunciation, Encounters gives students more confidence to learn Chinese. A wonderful textbook! And the video series provides an authentic and high-quality environment in which to learn Chinese."—Bei Chen, University of North Texas

“This is the best Chinese language textbook that I have seen. It's so authentic and speaking-based versus grammar-based. My students love the video and always want to watch more.”—Bei Chen, University of North Texas

“It's a modern up-to-date, interactive, interesting, fun way to learn Chinese. I highly recommend Encounters.”—Li Mann, Fresno City College

“Innovative, fantastic, very engaging and encouraging for learning. . . . Encounters will be a major contribution to the Chinese teaching field.”—Chengzhi Chu, Ph.D., Director of the Chinese Language Program, University of California, Davis

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