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New York, 1917-1929

Robert M. Fogelson

Designing Georgian Britain

Edited by Susan Weber

Architecture and Learning in Seventeenth-Century Oxford

Anthony Geraghty

The Pope, the Franciscans, and the Painting of the Basilica

Donal Cooper and Janet Robson

Sumner McK. Crosby, Jane Hayward, Charles T. Little, and...

The Buildings of England

Nicholas Antram

400 Years of Collecting and Patronage

Christopher Rowell

Design, Landscape Painting, and Tourism, 1700–1840

Finola O'Kane

Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture in the British Empire, 1840-1870

G. A. Bremner

Armagh, Cavan, and Monaghan

Kevin Mulligan

A Biography

Tracy Campbell

Phyllis Lambert; With a foreword by Barry Bergdoll

Volume 48

Andrew Saint, General Editor, and Peter Guillery, Volume...

Revisionary Modernist

Amanda Reeser Lawrence

The Motor Car, Architecture, and Landscape in England

Kathryn A. Morrison and John Minnis

Modern Photography and the American Dream

Edited by Jennifer A. Watts; With contributions by Edward...

Nina Rappaport and Erica Stoller; Introduction by Andy...

The Buildings of Scotland

John Gifford