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A Journey Upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest

Nick Thorpe

A History

R. J. B. Bosworth

How a Continent Became a Union

Luuk van Middelaar

The British Army and the Liberation of Europe

John Buckley

The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis

Michael Haas

Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism

Eliyahu Stern

Testimonies of the Jewish Sonderkommando from Auschwitz

Gideon Greif

European Witness

Paul Binding

Time for Baudelaire (Poetry, Theory, History)

Edited by E. S. Burt, Elissa Marder, and Kevin Newmark

Arthur Tsutsiev; Translated by Nora Seligman Favorov

The Battle for the South African Frontier

John Laband

A Historical Revision, Fourth Edition

Henry Kamen

Fridrikh I. Firsov, Harvey Klehr, and John Earl Haynes

The Making of a Psychoanalyst

Adam Phillips

How One Woman Saved Her Family from Nazi Germany

Charlotte R. Bonelli; With translations from the German by...

The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide

Alon Confino

The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914-1918

Louis Barthas; Translated by Edward M. Strauss; Foreword...