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Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks

Architects, Stuccatori, and the Eighteenth-Century Interior

Christine Casey

Matthias Wivel; With contributions by Paul Joannides,...

Carlo Dolci and Seventeenth-Century Florence

Edited by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer with Francesca...

Theory, Practice and Collecting

Catherine Whistler

Sylvain Bellenger and Carmine Romano; With an essay by...


Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Volume III: Ferrara and Bologna

Giorgia Mancini and Nicholas Penny

Nudes from the Prado

Edited by Thomas J. Loughman, Kathleen M. Morris, and Lara...

The World in the Workbench

Christopher R. Marshall

Volume 36, Titian's Painting Technique from 1540

Edited by Ashok Roy; Jill Dunkerton and Marika Spring,...

A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings

Edgar Peters Bowron

Art, Vision, and Pleasure in Italian Renaissance Convents

Giancarla Periti

The City and the Visual Arts under Clement VIII

Clare Robertson

Botticini's Palmieri Altarpiece

Jennifer Sliwka

Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo, and Titian

Christopher D. M. Atkins

A Walking Guide to Its Architecture

Richard J. Goy