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Regional Variations

William H. Forsyth

Drawing in the Middle Ages

Melanie Holcomb; With contributions by Lisa Bessette,...

A Background Survey

Florens Deuchler

A Centennial Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Konrad Hoffman

The Face in Medieval Sculpture

Edited by Charles T. Little; With contribution by...

A Symposium

Edited by Paula L. Gerson

Medieval Gardens and the Gardens of The Cloisters

Tania Bayard

A Symposium

Edited by Kurt Weitzmann; With contributions by Hans-Georg...

Life and Art at the End of the Middle Ages

Timothy B. Husband, Jane Hayward, Carl F. Barnes, Jr.,...

Late Antique and Early Christian Art, Third to Seventh Century

Edited by Kurt Weitzmann

Margaret B. Freeman

The Art of Islamic Spain

Edited by Jerrilynn D. Dodds

Genevieve Souchal; With a contribution by Francis Salet...

A Special Exhibition at The Cloisters

Carmen Gomez-Moreno

Faith and Power (1261–1557)

Edited by Helen C. Evans