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A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings

Elizabeth Einberg

Figures and Landscapes, 1914-1925: The Complete Paintings, Volume IX

Richard Ormond and Elaine Kilmurray

A Great Old Castle of Romance

Edited by David Adshead and David A. H. B. Taylor

The Story of an English Country House

Edited by Kathryn A. Morrison; With contributions by...

Artists and Status in the Late Colonial and Early National Era

Susan Rather

Art Museums and Exhibitions in Britain, 1800–1914

Giles Waterfield

A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings

Alex Kidson

Shadows on the Wall

William Vaughan

An Anglo-Irish Country House Museum

Edited by Arthur MacGregor

Paestum in Eighteenth-Century Architectural Experience and Theory

Sigrid de Jong

History, Fabric, and Culture

Edited by David Brown

Roubiliac and Sculptural Portraiture in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Malcolm Baker

Why the English Collected Antique Sculpture, 1640–1840

Ruth Guilding

Art, Artifice, and the Decorated Style, 1290–1350

Paul Binski

John Frederick Lewis and the Art of Orientalism

Emily M. Weeks

Painting and Patronage at the Court of Elizabeth I

Elizabeth Goldring

Figures and Landscapes 1908–1913: The Complete Paintings, Volume VIII

Richard Ormond and Elaine Kilmurray